Committee on Racial Healing
Mission Statement

Prompted by the Spirit, we desire to reconnect the journey of our four Congregations by participating in a process of building right relationships, healing and reconciliation in an effort to eradicate racism within ourselves, our Congregations, and beyond.


  1. To continue to share the richness of our Congregational histories and educate ourselves on how the dynamics of racism have shaped us as individuals and as congregations.

  2. To address the sin of racism by promoting systemic change within our congregational, ecclesial, and societal structures.


  1. To create opportunities for meaningful conversation regarding the above goals.

  2. To utilize the inter-congregational Oblate.IHM website for information-sharing and advocacy efforts.

  3. To offer on an on-going basis inter-congregational events and/or reflection opportunities that will promote these goals.

  4. To recommend to the Board of Directors possible actions that will continue to build relationships among the four congregations and/or that address the sin of racism.