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Keeping in touch with the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (PSST) in Riviere Froid, Haiti is an ongoing concern of the Haiti Committee.  In the Spring of 2014 Srs. Helene Therese Stanislaus OSP and Eileen Coleman IHM spent a week visiting the Little Sisters at their Motherhouse and in several mission locations including Hinche and Papaye. Please see photos on Helping the Project page.  Some members of the PSST leadership will visit the OSPIHM Governing Board in Scranton in 2016.

The PSST Congregation has made much progress since the earthquake.  Buildings on the motherhouse grounds are being repaired and there is a new grade school/high school complex with 23 classrooms. Donors include groups from Canada and Germany.  The Sisters have also received 100,000 acres of land from the government to develop for agriculture and education.

Sr. Chantele is the new Responsable General of the PSST Congregation, elected at their 9th general chapter in 2013.  One of her concerns is financial viability.  Generalate repair is completed, the novitiate will be done next. Any donations will be used to pay down the debt.

Fonkoze, a micro-finance bank, has worked with the extremely poor for over 17 years in Haiti.  It has 46 branches and employs 975 people.  Ninety five percent of its senior staff are Haitians.  Recently working with partners, Fonkoze has initiated an insurance program to reduce the financial impact of weather-related disasters. Immaculata IHMs have sponsored 11 families in the bank's Chemin Lavi Mayo program.  Several of our members have visited Fonkoze projects.  "Experiencing how the people, especially the women, have been trained to claim their moral, financial responsibility for their own lives is clearly a sign of hope for their future," says Dorothy Diederichs IHM.


Haiti in the News

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Presidential election in October 2016 is the latest plan for Haiti's governmental stalemate.  Twenty-four of the 54 candidates who ran in the contested 2015 election have confirmed their desire to participate.  Jocelerme Privert has been interim president and continues in office although his mandate officially ended June 14. 

Both the Miami Herald and the New York Times are sources for current events in Haiti.